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Aggressive tires for your street rod or muscle car! Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R tires are a new spin on the famous Mickey Thompson Sportsman tire, with a unique flamed tread design and radial technology. They are the biggest high performance street-legal radial tires available and are designed for use on hot rods, T-buckets, street rods, and muscle cars. These super-wide rear tires are also perfect for vehicles that have shortened rear-ends and tubbed fender wells to accommodate them. Matching front skinny tires will complement the look of your vehicle. Rear tire diameters are available from 26 in. to 33 in.


* Unique tread design for enhanced appearance

* Polyester/fiberglass radial construction for a smooth, comfortable ride

* Rim flange protection protects wheels

* Directional tread pattern designed for improved wet traction

* Fits 15 in., 18 in., and 20 in. rim diameters

Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tires 255643 26x6x17

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