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Tick Performance proudly presents our .660" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit for all LSx Engines, featuring only the finest components and assembled here in-house!  This high quality setup is included in each of our Elite Series Camshaft Packages, and features the following components:

  • 16x PAC Racing #1904 Dual Valve Springs rated to .660" Lift
  • 16x Lightweight Tool Steel or Titanium Retainers
  • 16x Spring Locators for Stock Guides or Aftermarket Bronze Guides (your choice)
  • 16x Valve Locks
  • 16x Valve Stem Seals, Brown & Black

One of our favorite aspects of this kit is that the Tool Steel retainer is the lightest steel retainer made for 1.300" dual springs, only weighing 13.9 grams or 16.4 grams with locks.  Those looking for the lightest valvetrain possible should upgrade to the optional Titanium retainers available at checkout, which are the lightest available for LSx dual springs, weighing in at 8.5 grams, or 11 grams with locks.

This is a drop-in spring kit for the following engines: LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS6, L76, L92, L99, LQ4, LQ9, L33, and LSA.  Will fit LS7 Engines with the proper amount of shimming.  This kit will not fit LS9 engines.

Specifications are as follows:

O.D. (in):  1.290
I.D. (in):  0.950
Inside Spring I.D. (in):  0.694
Install Load (LB):  157
Install Height (in):  1.780
Open Load (LB):  400
Open Height (in):  1.125
Coil Bind Max (in):  1.010
Lift Max (in):  0.660
Damper:  No
Rate:  370

Tick Performance .660" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit for all LSx Engines

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